Who Am I?

Hey Creative. I'm Rae!

Have you ever heard, "Education is the key to success?" 

Well, that's the refrain my Dad had me recite EVERY MORNING in my 7th-grade year. It was a reminder that seemed to take root for my older siblings, and the reason I now teach you that it isn't the only key.

I didn't see myself going to college. Instead, I chose to lean on something I heard both my parents caution, "Chase your dream and have a Plan B." After chasing my dream, I learned that I could turn my Plan B into Plan A. I'm here to help you get to your Plan A, also.

Fast-forward through having a baby before the age of 21,  positions in healthcare and corporate America, becoming a certified audio engineer, getting married, and adding 2 more mini-mes in the flock.

After what I have come to call my lemonade-stand business concept, I took a step back to review data and check in with my long-term goals.


Wouldn't you know it? My sister (who had also taken the "traditional" path) quit her job. We reconnected over a joint venture, The Wright Sisters, to educate business owners in the foundational skills for long-term business success.

During our time together, I found myself helping my sister navigate this path that isn't the traditional "school > career > family > promotion > retirement," path. It felt like helping one of my toddlers learn to walk (she gave me permission for this simile 😉).

I was familiar with exploring the unknown, connecting with people also unsure of how to walk, and teaching myself what a majority of my peers are still trying to learn. 

My sister now runs a successful Strategic Communications business, one that started a ripple effect that helped shape my business along the way.

I now have the pleasure of working with creative, full-time employees who are tired of being undervalued and overworked. I strategize their entry into the unknown with a clear path and plans.

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” - Dr. Seuss

These are my babies; they are all little monsters in their own way. But not scary, mean monsters like Randall Boggs... Nice ones, like, Kitty (Sully).

"My mission is to shine my light brightly, so that others may see it and strive to turn up the brightness on their lights too"
-Rae #ShineBright

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