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You're meant to #ShineBright what are you waiting on?

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Rae's Mission


In 2014 when Rae was led to quit her job she knew TWO things; 

  1. Rae of Light would be the business's name.

  2. The mission was to get everyone to shine their light so the world may see. 

Now, years later Rae of Light helps Creators become more strategic about how they show up in the world. So everything they do is done with purpose. They can connect with more people to spread their message further. Most importantly have balance so they can focus on their journey, enjoy the little blessings of life, and make consistent income without being tied to any one path. 

Purpose. Amazon lists more than 1,000 books with titles referencing it. The Bible mentions it more than four dozen times. Everyone has one, and everyone wants to find it, but creatives like me tend to get weighed down and distracted in our search for it.


Rae Burrell has the talent to create strategies, connect dots between, seemingly, unconnected things and do come up with amazing concepts that are unique to her client's needs. As a Vision Strategist, Rae sets other creatives up to be successful with purpose on purpose and clear out the clutter to build “Successful Businesses on Purpose.”

"My mission is to shine my light brightly, so that others may see it and strive to turn up the brightness on their lights too"
-Rae #ShineBright

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