Strategize With Rae

Rae works exclusively with a limited client list to create an in-depth plan that they start right away. Each client gets hands-on support with Rae during this 6-month experience. By the end, you will have an audience, a launched business, and a strategic plan that gets you to your big goal.

Below are details on what Rae has included in her packages to assure your success. So you can live a life fueled by your talents.

Concept Development

This is where the magic happens. Where Rae collects all your puzzle pieces and creates a picture of your future.

Business Advisory

Stay on track with Rae on-demand with built-in time to speak to someone who has been there and tried that. So you don't have to guess.

Strategic Planning

Rae will then get you to your "big goal" with a strategic growth plan, so you make every step along the way count.

Mindset Coaching

No matter how much success you have experienced. There are times you will need a mind-shift. Rae includes mind and spiritual coaching to keep you centered!

Awareness Strategy

One of the best things you can do when first starting your business is create awareness with an audience online.


When Rae has completed your plan, you won't have to do it alone. You can keep Rae's team around to help keep things on track.

* Monthly support for existing RoL clients. Includes additional consultation time with Rae.

"My mission is to shine my light brightly, so that others may see it and strive to turn up the brightness on their lights too"
-Rae #ShineBright

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