Why I'm A Growth and Operations Strategist

I believe in building lasting businesses, whether your plan is to sell or pass your it on to family. Here's a little background as to why I believe that. My father has been a "business owner" my whole life. He has bought and sold thousands of cars. He has a substantial client list. He has a massive amount of business connections. And has been in business since my older brother was born. What he doesn't have is anything to show for it. No retirement, no formula, no savings, and no exit strategy. He is still struggling and is starting to get too old to continue in business the same way that he has done for nearly 40 years. Do you know how that is possible? Because he never took the time to create a firm foundation, he has no operations, he has no strategies, he has nothing. He spent his years "grinding" at a hobby rather than "building" a concept that could take him through life to retirement and possibly further. It breaks my heart to see him get older and not know what he is going to do next.

I've owned a business for almost 4 years. My first business was a virtual assistant business for voice-over clients, that took off after a few months of pushing it hard. I mostly handled editing the audio for TV and radio commercials. I also did some cool stuff like create strategies and structure my client’s business by creating policies and procedures and the contracts that went with them. Plus a lot of other things I never really imagined myself not only creating but enjoying. I'm a creative at heart.

I looked up a week before New Years 2018 and realized I had grown to resent audio. I loved voice over artists, I loved helping business owners think long-term and I loved restructuring their businesses. But, I was totally miserable. I realized a project that should take me an hour now took me 4, or sometimes 10 hours. Thank God for the policy that promised a 24-hour turnaround. It was taking me forever because it was repetitive. As an ENFP (personality), that meant I was FREAKING BORED! So that meant I started to procrastinate to the tenth power. So by February of 2018, I put my business on a FULL STOP. The last thing I wanted was to allow myself to start returning subpar work because I wasn't into it anymore. The worst part of my first business? The scar from not listening to that little voice that said to start pivoting is still there. Almost 2 years later, I still refuse to look at audio or edit any videos for ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY.

In 2018, I started doing workshops to help new entrepreneurs build a firm foundation in a business that they loved with policies in place that would save them from RESENTING ever doing what they once LOVED. Between my father's story, my own, and the workshops emphasizing everything I believed in, I discovered exactly what I wanted to do. So in 2019, I was ready to soft-launch my new business.

Why "soft launch"? Because I needed proof of concept and to set my business up for success. I'm not going to preach something to my people while I do the opposite in my own business. So I took a year to get my business life together and I am happy to announce that I am set to fully launch my business in January 2020 as scheduled.

The only question I had left to answer in this last quarter was, who to serve. Well, my heart is still with the visual and audio production arts. So it's only fitting that I focus on them for the foreseeable future. I know the components and I love the industry and I have a viable working process to help you have a successful business. Just please don’t ask me to edit!!

This is my very long introduction to you!

"My mission is to shine my light brightly, so that others may see it and strive to turn up the brightness on their lights too"
-Rae #ShineBright

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