Business terms used in the online world that make you think

Anyone just entering into the business world, can easily feel like a deer in the headlights while speaking to other business owners. Even if you're a vet. Here's a glossary to help be a part of the conversation! (Because there are so many we will take this about 10 at a time)

  1. A/B Testing (AKA split test) - testing out the copy (or wording), look, or imagery of a website, ad, or email to see which preforms/converts better. It's best to test 1 or the other at a time. That way you aren't confused about what works and what doesn't work.

  2. Abandonment Rate (AKA bounce rate) - the percentage of people that come to a site without exploring past the initial page or the seconds someone spends on a page before leaving.

  3. Accounts Payable - money your business owes.

  4. Accounts Receivable - money owed to your business.

  5. Accrual Basis - accounting method of recording income and expenses as they occur.

  6. Accruals - expenses that have happened but haven't been recorded yet. The most common example is payroll taxes.

  7. Affiliate - gets a kickback every time someone makes a purchase with their assigned link.

  8. Asset - anything owned by your business that has value.

  9. Balance Sheet - snapshot of essential information of the companies net income. Summary of your business assets and liabilities.

  10. Bookkeeping - a method of accounting that involves the recording of all financial transactions for your business.

  11. Capital (fixed capital) - The wealth of your business refers to the long-term worth of your business.

  12. Engagement - the way people interact with you online. ei. Likes, comments, clicks, shares, opens

  13. Freebie - a piece of content that a company uses for themselves or a client that is given free of charge or in exchange for an email.

  14. Funnel - refers to the different stages of a website visitor's journey before they make a decision to buy a product or service. However, for most online businesses is the different stages of services a customer is will commit to before reaching the highest level of support.

  15. Gross Profit - calculated as total sales minus the costs related to sales.

  16. Handle - social media "username" preceded by an "@" sign for example @Wix.

  17. (I)deal(C)lient (A)vatar (AKA Target Market) - a group of consumers at which a product or service is the best fit for.

  18. Lead - a person or company that has shown interest in a product or service.

  19. Net Worth- business's total value. Determined by your total current assets minus the current liabilities owed by your business.

  20. Opt-in form - online form used for visitors to sign up for an email list. Usually baited with a "freebie".

  21. Profit & Loss Statement - Addresses the bottom line, how much the business has earned and spent over a period of time.

  22. Profit Margin - percentage pocketed from a sale after expenses

  23. Prospect - a possible client or customer of a company. Usually simply looks and act like the company's target market.

  24. Qualified Lead - someone who has opted to receive communication from a company.

  25. Revenue - income

What terms would you like to see come out next?

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