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Create a Successful Business on Purpose 

Stop settling for "good enough" content.

When you have a clear vision of where you are going and what you need to get there. THREE things start to increase consistently...

Your Freetime 

Right now, you're doing all the things. Things you absolutely have to do. Plus a TON of busywork. Often times you know there is a better use of your time and your genius, So what does that leave you doing? Constantly moving & never enjoying the little things or exploring new opportunities. 

Why are you featured in that magazine yet?

Your Fan-Base

You have tens of millions of fans. even if your numbers don't reflect it, yet. You're connecting with some of them... But, are the LOYAL fans? Do they comment on nearly everything you create? Do they respond when you are a question? Here's a telling one... Do they share your posts? 

Make real connections that rally behind your cause for you!


Now that your core message is clear and you're genius is highlighted. You will find yourself getting Pick-Your-Brain DMs. Inquires of ways you people can pay you for your genius. An abundance of paid opportunities. The best part? They come to you!

Enough said.


Say "goodbye" to your supplemental income! 


Who is this service for?

This service is best suited for creatives with a message to spread that need help actualizing their vision.

What witchery is this?

Successful Business on Purpose™  was created for purpose-driven Creatives looking to increase their reach and spread a message that can change society. It's an in-depth training to help creatives learn to bring every #BrightIdea to fruition on there own without the need to hire someone else. Allowing them to take full control of their journey and release most of their visions without feeling like they need a guru to help them. Of course, there will be some plans they will need some help with. Our goal is for you to feel equipped and capable that you can make a vision a reality turn out EXACTLY as you see in your head. No settling fora diluted version or the need for a guru!

One of the things our leader wanted to do was meet you where you are, right now. So there are several options to choose from and this page shows the most popular ones for you!

Rae of Light Concepts is a consulting firm for creative small businesses striving to impact the world with a message. We believe every business is a Mission -- with a message to share, a purpose to serve, and an impact to make. We ensure that Missions make their mark through specialized leadership training, growth strategy, and organizational structure. 


Rae of Light Concepts takes on Missions that got ahead of leadership. These businesses have been operating without a clear direction,  even though they are profitable and appear to have it all together. Often times, these leadership teams are burnt out trying to maintain and grow simultaneously with a constant need for additional support. It’s what I call, “The Duck Syndrome.” They appear to be gliding across the water when they’re really kicking for dear life under the surface. 


If you’re ready to stop wearing all the hats in your business, develop a team structure that supports your mission and stop kicking like a duck, We want to hear from you.